A concret commercial bathroom counter

A concret commercial bathroom counter adapted to the existing design   For this place dedicated to indoor climbing that welcomes many groups, the management of CLIP ‘N CLIMB has not hesitated to embark on the adventure by daring to install in its public toilets a countertop with built-in concrete basin. The walls are already loaded…

Why Cygne Béton ?

Our company Cygne Béton has been making its mark on the concrete furniture market for almost 5 years now. Whether it is our kitchen countertops, showers, vanities and sinks, or even our office and home furniture, they are a great success with customers who love beauty and refinement, and for whom quality is paramount. This is the story of the name Cygne Béton!

Concrete, granite, quartz : which differences ?

Concrete, granite, and quartz are all materials that use stones in their composition. Beyond this common point, many differences exist between these three coatings. The main remains in the composition of the concrete which, by the fact that the recipe is liquid, offers the advantage of being customizable, both in terms of form and its rendering.