Concrete kitchen countertops

Cygne Béton stands out in the design and manufacture of concrete kitchen countertops through custom services. Our fine knowledge of this material allows us to create unique works that stand out from traditional counters. High-end material, as well as granite and quartz, concrete offers the advantage of being poured into a formwork that conforms to the desired shapes. It can also be personalized through a judicious choice of color, an association chosen with noble materials (glass, stainless steel, wood …), the insertion of natural materials (shells, stones, pearls …), the creation of molded shapes or of light games and the reproduction of images on the surface.

Natural concrete countertops

We manufacture custom kitchen countertops with clean design. Without adding decorative elements, they highlight the beauty and elegance of concrete. From a gray color for an industrial and contemporary style to an infinity of colors for a more classic and traditional style, we will guide you to the choice that suits you. It will be possible to create a uniform rendering or deliberately leave the imperfections of this raw material for an even more natural effect. Finally, you can opt for a matte or glossy ecological sealant depending on the desired finish.

Custom concrete countertops

For the most daring looking for a trendy design or a unique piece, our craftsmen make concrete countertops that incorporate decorative elements. In addition to having a wide choice of colors, it will be possible to integrate other materials in the design of the countertop (glass, stainless steel, wood …). To add a touch of elegance and refinement, elements can be inserted : grains of marble or granite, shells, stones, pearls … or a relief or unusual shapes for a most astonishing effect. Finally, a matte or glossy ecological sealant is applied according to the desired finish.

Concrete countertops with utility elements

We are currently working with one of our partners to develop kitchen counters that incorporate a high-quality stainless steel sink that perfectly matches the desired design effects.

In love with open and unobstructed spaces, I like the minimalist effect of a concrete kitchen countertop. Neutral in color, it helps highlight the decorative elements and highlights a color or natural materials already present in the room. It also brings warmth through its texture and movement created by its unique shape. The very nature of the material gives life to this convivial place, while harmonizing with a personalized decor.