A Quebec family business dedicated to concrete

Specialized in the design and manufacture of concrete furniture, Cygne Béton is distinguished by its passion for design combined with an increased expertise in concrete. Falling in love with this versatile natural material, our company wants to be a true ambassador for decorative concrete. At the cutting edge of research, our craftsmen are constantly pushing the limits of this material composed of natural resources in Quebec by offering products personalized and avant-garde of superior quality.


Cygne Béton was created in May 2016. The company was founded by Judive Jean-Gilles, François Jean-Gilles and Barthélémy Legros, amateurs for art and design who are keen to introducing the elegance of concrete and its versatility. By analogy to the swan that grows magnificent feathers, the name of the company translates the transformation of a raw material into an elegant and refined result in contact with the elements : the earth, water and air. The founders studied the composition of concrete and the recipes from a prestigious American school,  The Concrete Countertop Institute, which they benefit from the knowledge -to do everyday, having access to experts in furniture manufacturing, concrete craftsmen and American engineers who have more than 20 years of experience in the field. Research is at the heart of their approach to perfect their expertise in the development of innovative creative products.

Cygne Béton is the winner of the 2nd edition of OSE Laval 2017, in the category Coup de Coeur student creator of a company, already leaving its mark in the world of design.


The mission of Cygne Béton is to design and manufacture unique pieces of concrete furniture that emphasize the elegance of this versatile natural material.


These values are important for CYGNE BÉTON :

  • Creativity : custom furniture design ; partnerships with local artisans for trendy creations combining concrete with other materials (wood, glass …) ; realization of unique works.
  • Quality : training with experts in the design industry ; employment of skilled labor ; rigorous site management ; tests and quality control ; after sales service with 1 year warranty.
  • Loyalty : personalized support ; constant monitoring during the project ; developing a relationship of trust ; control of customer satisfaction.
  • Ecology : Ecology : use of eco-responsible materials ; replacement of 20 % of the cement with recycled glass in the recipe (Verrox) ; strength and durability of concrete ; recyclable resource available in Quebec.
  • Innovation : integration of a research and development component to develop ever more efficient concrete manufacturing processes and avant-garde products.


Cygne Béton wants to be at the forefront of the furniture manufacturing industry by becoming the reference in Quebec in the design and manufacture of concrete furniture.

The founders of Cygne Béton have developed unique recipes for handcrafted concrete furniture, such as kitchen and vanity countertops, shower bases and sinks.

Concrete offers the advantage of being produced from Quebec’s natural resources. It stands out for its many strengths, including being a durable, beautiful and customizable material.


Our company can count on a competent team which accumulates several years of experience, each member in his respective fields of expertise and complementary.


With more than fifteen years of experience in commercial management, trained in design and professional singer, Judive Jean-Gilles combines her management and creativity skills within the Cygne Béton which she is behind.


Entrepreneur in construction, François Jean-Gilles stands out for his ingenuity and creativity. Having completed courses in civil engineering, he has a solid knowledge of concrete which leads him to supervise research and development activities.


Our interior designers realize concrete furniture plans from your ideas, proposing original solutions. There are also precious allies in the execution of our projects, from fabrication in the workshop to installation on site.


Project managers assist the management by carrying out all the follow-up tasks and thus, enabling an efficient service for your greater satisfaction.


Cygne Béton relies on efficient and creative partners who do a remarkable job of translating the essence of our company and contributing to its reputation.

Réno Solo

Specialized contractor with more than 40 years of experience in the renovation and construction fields, RÉNO-SOLO is distinguished by a meticulous work and attention to detail that makes the difference during the installation on site of the achievements of Cygne Béton.


Through its artistic touch, MARYSKA.CA participates in the development Cygne Béton and its products by creating unique and distinctive customized images, whether for its visual identity, its website or other communication media.

Âtma Communication

ÂTMA COMMUNICATION adopts a global and strategic look for developing coherent and congruent communication tools in order to strengthen the reputation of Cygne Béton, whether at the level of the Web, social networks or written communications.

François Parent Photographe

FRANÇOIS PARENT PHOTOGRAPHE puts his artistic talent to work for the benefit of Cygne Béton through images with a refined aesthetic. Having a perfect mastery of the photographic tool, the company realizes images that are real works of art.