Office furniture and concrete house

Thanks to its versatility, concrete makes it possible to realize your most original creative ideas through unique pieces of furniture that stand out not only for their durability, but also for their refinement, their worked aesthetics and their trendy and contemporary design. Whether for the office, the house, the terrace or the garden, our  team formats your projects by offering services for the design and manufacture of interior furniture and outside. Concrete offers several possibilities for customization, including complementary materials, natural elements, image reproductions or light effects.

Concrete office furniture

The brand image of a company touches all aspects, not just promotional tools. Developing an interior in its own image contributes to strengthening its positioning with its clientele. Concrete offers endless possibilities to create custom office furniture, whether for a desk table, a conference table, a shelf, a storage … For example, the logo or specific messages can be reproduced on the surface of a table.

Concrete house furniture

Sometimes what’s missing inside a house is a distinctive piece of furniture. Raw and uncluttered, concrete blends perfectly with materials such as wood, stone, stainless steel and recycled glass. It will also be possible to create movement effects by modeling hollow or relief patterns, but also to integrate natural elements – like shells – and to make plays of light. We will work in collaboration with Quebec craftsmen to carry out your project.

Concrete outdoor furniture

Durable and solid, concrete offers a very interesting alternative for garden furniture in a country where the harsh climate requires quality outdoor furniture that will withstand the weather. Concrete meets this constraint, in addition to developing original furniture. Whether for benches, chairs, tables, fireplaces, pots of flowers …, concrete has no limit that of your imagination.

I like the customizable side of concrete that makes it possible to create unique furniture, whether for the home, the office or the garden. In a living room, the marriage of wood with concrete or stainless steel will make a creative coffee table. In the office, where we spend a lot of our time, why not have a conference table where the company logo is integrated, which will help strengthen the brand image. And for the outdoors, I have a crush on concrete flower pots !