From the design to the installation of your concrete furniture

Cygne Béton accompanies you in the realization of your concrete project through a turnkey service, from its design to its installation. Handling concrete requires extensive knowledge and experience that our team has acquired over the years. Passionate about this beautiful and durable material, she constantly pushes the limits to offer you achievements unique high quality. Concrete has many possibilities, both through its color that can be declined to infinity and through its association with other materials. We will be happy to help you satisfy your creative ideas.

Concrete furniture design

Whether it’s for a kitchen counter or concrete vanity, a shower, a sink or any other project, Cygne Béton puts its creativity to work to direct you to a products that looks like you. Often unknown, the effects of the finish of the concrete are infinite : coloring of the concrete, modeling of recessed or relief motifs, inlay of other materials (wood, metal, glass, optical fibers, shells …), creation of plays of light and , even, reproduction of images on the surface. We collaborate with craftsmen working on complementary materials and do not hesitate to call on partners such as engineers or designers when necessary. We meet you to define your needs.

Handcrafted for custom concrete furniture

Cygne Béton manufactures concrete furniture in a traditional way, from a proven recipe that is adapted to the use of each project. Our mastery of the manufacturing process makes it possible to offer customized, durable and resistant products. Tests are made on a sample basis to ensure quality. We integrate eco-friendly materials into our recipe and do business with local suppliers.


01/ Modeling

Following the start-off meeting, we design a furniture template that will serve as a reference for the following steps. For example in the case of a pre-existing counter, measurements will be made on site to establish a template that perfectly matches the shapes of the place where the piece will be deposited. In the case of a new realization, we will base ourselves on a plan realized by a designer.

02/ Manufacturing of the mold

In the case of on-site fabrication, a formwork serving as a mold will be made from the template. Otherwise, the plan measurements given by the designer are used to build the mold.


It is at this stage that the other materials are inlaid or the patterns are patterned.

Fabrication moule
Coulage béton

03/ Concrete pouring

Concrete results from the combination of cement, water, air, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. For each project, we prepare a specific recipe that ensures the strength and impermeability of the concrete. 20 % of cement is replaced by fiberglass – a product manufactured by Verrox in Quebec – which contributes, among other things, to the reduction of greenhouse gases and increases flexibility and the strength of the concrete. Pouring concrete into the mold is done in several layers.

There are different casting methods depending on the desired texture and rendering :

– Rifle spraying : for a modern look

– Casting by hand : for an artistic rendering

– Compacting and placement : for a classic finish


This is where the color is inserted.

04/ Sandblasting and grout

After the concrete has cured through controlled evaporation of moisture, the mold is demolded. The resulting piece is then sanded. Air bubbles inevitably appear that must then be closed with a grout, which requires several manipulations before obtaining the desired final result. Finally, a last light sanding allows to unify the surface.


At this step the stones can be left visible or light effect and image reproduction can be made on its surface.

Sablage et coulis

05/ Finish

Finally, the piece obtained is sanded to soften the surface and have a perfectly smooth rendering. A cleaning is then carried out to remove any remaining residue and an ecological sealant is applied to definitively solve any hygiene problem.

There are two types of sealer :

– Penetrating sealant : reinforces concrete, resists heat and marks, but does not protect against liquids (ideal for fireplace mantels for example)

– Sealer coating : covers the concrete, reinforces the impermeability (ideal for kitchens for example)

If the manufacturing was done on site, the part is ready to be used after 48 hours of drying.


For a shower base, a coating sealer will be applied. It is in the concrete recipe that the amount of an ingredient increasing the impermeability will be doubled.


In the case of a realization made in workshop, we deliver the product and we take care of its installation. Before using your kitchen or vanity countertop, your shower, sink or any other creation, we take the time to explain how to use and maintain your unique piece.


After sales service

The creations of Cygne Béton are covered by a one-year warranty from the date of delivery. This includes the application of an additional sealant if this proves necessary. The satisfaction of our customers is important, we remain at your disposal !