Showers, vanities and concrete sinks

Beyond kitchen counters, the services of Cygne Béton extend to the design and manufacture of furniture for the bathroom. On the lookout for new trends and a deep desire to be at the forefront, our team pushes the boundaries of concrete to make unique bathroom projects. Here again, concrete offers the advantage of being a natural material that adapts to the desired forms because, unlike quartz or granite, it is poured. The possibilities are endless, both in terms of coloring and the modeling of the surface or its decoration. Associations with materials such as recycled glass and stainless steel offer a contemporary design. And the concrete is almost waterproof !

Concrete showers

What’s more elegant and refined than using concrete as a coating for the shower. Whether for a shower base or its walls, this durable and customizable material accentuates the beauty of your bathroom by giving it, according to your taste, a contemporary or classic style that will be distinguished for sure from what is offered on the market. The rendering may be uniform or reveal the veins of the concrete. It will also be possible to create shapes on the surface and to embed elements like stones that will bring out the raw and natural character of the concrete.

Concrete vanity countertops

As for kitchen countertops, those of bathroom vanities can either be refined and natural, or be personalized for a unique creation through the addition of decorative elements. Working in collaboration with Quebec craftsmen, we will not hesitate to associate concrete with other materials such as recycled glass and stainless steel for a surprising result. Material liquid in the manufacture, it melts to marry the desired forms. A play of light, an image reproduced or details inserted on the surface will bring a final touch of the most original.

Concrete sinks

Used for sinks, concrete offers the advantage of being cast in the desired shape and size. From a simple vanity sink to a multi-purpose sink, anything is possible. Designed as a single piece, the sink will also include a countertop part, which will give it a resolutely modern and contemporary look. Here too, decorative elements can be integrated.

The bathroom is an essential space. At home, family members spend time there. In the office, customers attend it for sure. Concrete creates a wow effect due to its current design and the warmth it gives. I like the encrustation of materials, such as recycled glass, stainless steel or stone, which allow to design an inspiring and personalized decoration that will provide rest and relaxation. Integrated in a shower base, a river of stones will give the impression of walking on the beach.