Vanity Counter and Concrete Basin


MODELING From the existing sink
INLAY White quartz Sand

A commercial bathroom counter adapted to the existing design

For this place dedicated to indoor climbing that welcomes many groups, the management of CLIP ‘N CLIMB has not hesitated to embark on the adventure by daring to install in its public toilets a countertop with built-in concrete basin. The walls are already loaded with black and white stripes and warm colors, we opted for a white concrete, a neutral color that has naturally taken its place in contrast to the surrounding colors. To make a nod to the sporty and adventurous side of this moving place, which is not linear, we have brought to the surface white grains of sand that remind us of the sediments of rocks that are climbed in the middle of nature.

We obtained a beautiful counter perfectly adapted to the very large traffic of toilets of our company. All our requests have been made accurately within the required time and taking into account our installation constraints at specific times so as not to disrupt our activities. In summary : quality of execution, listening to our needs, understanding of the desired style and all done by a young company in Laval whose success is just beginning !

– Isabelle Landry-Larue, owner of Clip ‘n Climb Laval


While enhancing the decor of a room, concrete is an ally of size to support the specificities of the place where it is used. At Clip’n Climb, visitors are expected to surpass their fear of heights, safely with the use of harnesses and the presence of instructors, and to accomplish things that they had not thought possible to do. . Based on these elements, we wanted to give concrete a stabilizing role, especially since the decor was already full of lines and bright colors. The white neutrality of the washbasin and its rectangular design have also contributed. Dare, while being confident !