Concrete kitchen counter


MODELING From the existing counter
POURING On-site, hand-pressed

A concrete kitchen counter in harmony with nature

Realized directly on the spot in a house located in full nature at the edge of a river, this concrete kitchen counter marries the forms of the stone fireplace mantle to which the color harmonizes perfectly. The owner wanted the counter to open the door to nature, highlighting rather than competing with it. The setting of this magical place inspired us, as well as the healthy breaks taken along the river’s rocky bank. We were inspired by the existing wrought iron structure for concrete texture. We eliminated the seams and let the flow of concrete flow freely over the work surface, finishing the work with a trowel to bend the curved lines and follow the natural movement of the concrete. To enhance it all, we put a glossy sealer that reminds that nature can be worked, polished and directed to bring out the elegance.

Every day, I look forward to the presence of this counter in the living room of the house. Carried out with care and love by its craftsmen on site, this work of art follows the shapes of the fireplace mantel. The result is beyond my expectations : this counter has enhanced the entire room, highlighting the beauty of the surrounding wood and the white facades of the kitchen. This unique work has given a new design to the kitchen ! 

– Âtma, owner

Âtma Communication

The adaptive qualities of concrete are suitable for any form of design sought. Here we made a classic style counter that pays particular attention to the symmetry and central point of the room that is home. The counter showcases the country style of the house open to nature.