Vanity Counter and Concrete sink


CONCRETE Charcoal Gray
MODELING From a plan
POURING Pressed by hand

A concrete sink countertop for a commercial bathroom

Maison Lavande is known for the quality and beauty of its products, which are made from lavender harvested in its fields. For this team project with our clients, we wanted to highlight the beauty of nature that mesmerizes with its simplicity and complexity. We opted for a concrete sink countertop in a color that goes well with varnished wood and, above all, a texture that reveals the natural movement of the material. Uniqueness thus created captures our attention. The furniture reflects the personality of the company. To make this project a success, we took the time to sand the concrete, polish it in several stages and let it ripen before putting the sealer on. Thus, the cement molecules have had time to solidify to unveil a solid and durable end product with a warm design emerges.

What a good idea to have entrusted the realization of our countertop concrete sink to Cygne Béton ! This long washbasin has been talked about all summer : it now proudly throne in the public bathroom of women, in the barn of our site agrotouristique. He adds this little plus that shows that we are thinking of every detail to offer the public a unique experience in beauty and exclusivity.

– Nancie Ferron, co-owner

Maison Lavande

The sink counter reveals subtle random movements of the concrete to match perfectly with the varnished wood base. The fact of having manufactured a specific mold for this project allowed us to realize a piece of furniture that occupies all the space desired, and this, efficiently. In addition, the raw features of the concrete are based on its internal movements that are ideal for a rustic and rural setting.