Concrete reception desk


CONCRETE Charcoal gray and black
MODELING From a plan
POURING By trowel and by hand
INLAY Concrete company logo (imprint)
FINISH Glossy and matte finish
COLLABORATION Contour image, Designer and Cabinetmaker, RÉNO-SOLO

A concrete reception desk for a home-like decor

The leaders of this accounting office wanted to bring the comfort of home to work through a current design that provides the satisfaction of working in a place that is as beautiful as at home. The constraint was to create a concrete reception desk that married the barn wood. To create a maximum of linear movement, we chose to finish the service counter, legs and bookcase with a trowel. In addition, to bring a touch of elegance, we have coated it all with a glossy sealant. In contrast, the darker facades were coated with a matte sealant, creating a contrast. These were molded upside down (like an overturned cake) and worked by manual roll compression. A partner cabinetmaker contributed to the manufacture of the furniture structure and incorporated barn wood planks.

This project combines outstanding form with function, with a clean, minimalist design that emphasizes the most important furniture when guests enter the premises : the reception desk. The positive impact on the customer is immediate. The company logo, visible in the bottom right, subtly recalls the logo displayed on the wall. The choice of combining barn wood and concrete is wise to provide warmth. To emphasize the shape of the counter, related furniture has been developed that contributes to the beauty of the place.