Concrete, granite, quartz : which differences ?

Concrete, granite, and quartz are all materials that use stones in their composition. Beyond this common point, many differences exist between these three coatings. The main remains in the composition of the concrete which, by the fact that the recipe is liquid, offers the advantage of being customizable, both in terms of form and its rendering.


Granite, quartz, concrete…

Granite is a natural stone available in a wide range of colors. It is sold in the form of plates which, assembled with each other, create an interesting visual effect through the diversity of textures and colors depending on the provenance of the stones. It is a luxurious material.

More affordable, the quartz coating is composed of natural minerals (90 %) mixed with resin and polymer (10 %). Everything is then cooked in the factory and the compact piece obtained is sent to the country where it will be sold. It is available in several colors according to the brands and models.

As for the concrete coating, it joins people sensitive to the environment because it is made from local natural resources, sand, water and stones, which are bound by cement. It offers the advantage of being tinted according to the desired style.

While granite and quartz are delivered in a compact form, the slabs must then be cut and polished, and the concrete meets the desired shapes and sizes. The manufacturing is done in the liquid state where a recipe specific to each project is made, then the concrete is poured into the mold which was designed according to the template of the countertop, the fireplace or the furniture to be made. It then hardens.


Wear Resistance

Concrete is a durable repairable material, which is not the case of granite and quartz for which it is difficult to intervene directly on the coating afterwards. These three types of flooring remain easy to maintain. The difference will be observed in the longer term where tasks may mark a granite counter for example, without being removed.

Cygne Béton ensures the quality of manufacturing by sealing all the pores that appear during drying and by applying the sealant that will be appropriate for your use. For a bathroom, the recipe will be adapted to ensure very good resistance to water. No need to reapply a sealer every year, it can be effective up to 5 years and more.


An infinite design

Finally, concrete has a significant advantage over granite and quartz. It is adaptable to the desired design. Depending on the style, it is possible to personalize the creation by choosing to bring out the stone, adding incrustations (shells …), casting a sentence, inserting lights, etc. Concrete is also perfectly suited to built-in sinks that will give a trendy look to your home or office.

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Why Cygne Béton ?

Our company Cygne Béton has been making its mark on the concrete furniture market for almost 5 years now. Whether it is our kitchen countertops, showers, vanities and sinks, or even our office and home furniture, they are a great success with customers who love beauty and refinement, and for whom quality is paramount. This is the story of the name Cygne Béton!